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WCSO CERT continues to enhance their skills and knowledge on how to set up a Point of Distribution (POD) with the Washoe County Health Department (WCHD). On Thursday, January 9th, 16 volunteers assisted the WCHD in setting up their trailers for the upcoming Flu POD to be held at the Reno Event Center. 

On January 27th, nine CERT members assisted the WCHD in setting up the POD at the Reno Event Center for the 12th annual Project Homeless and Family Connect Event being held the next day. For the event, 14 CERT volunteers assisted the WCHD in distributing 128 shots. CERT members were part of the evaluation, greeting, and security teams. They gained valuable knowledge on how WCHD operates a POD. Such training allows WCHD and CERT to continue to develop a long-term partnership as CERT participates in WCHD events and training exercises.

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