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— EPIC —

Team Lead: Wade Campbell: Email (Right click to copy email address)

EPIC, stands for Exercise Planning Implementation Committee. This team was responsible for putting together the June 1 exercise which was a full scale exercise in which all of the topics covered in the Academy were applied. This team is responsible for developing exercises throughout the year.

This team meets at the Regional Public Safety Training Center at 5190A Spectrum Blvd Room 105. The meeting times vary based on an active exercise being planned. To learn more, click HERE

— Incline Village —

Team Lead: Howard Beckerman: Email (Right click to copy email address)

This team alternates between the Tahoe City Station 51 (222 Fairway Drive) and the Incline Village Fire Station (863 Tanager St) every first Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 pm. Please email Howard Beckerman to confirm which location the monthly team meeting will be held at. See above for Howards email. 

— Mavericks —

Team Leads: Francine Donshick: Email (Right click to copy email address), Barbie Caria, and Rosan Rich

This team meets at the Regional Public Safety Training Center at 5190A Spectrum Blvd. every third Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm. To learn more, click HERE


— Red Rock Rattlers—

Team Leads: Sandy McGill and Sandy Peterson: Email (Right click to copy email address)

Nestled along the Peterson mountain foothills, the Red Rock Rattlers (RRR) CERT team aligns efforts with the Truckee Meadows Red Rock Volunteer Fire Department (TM RRVFD) as trained neighborhood emergency responders. As a remote Washoe County territory, monthly meetings focus on preparedness training, resiliency, and practical exercises, building local emergency expertise, and bridging the first responder geographical challenge. Unique team qualified expertise include lightning and wildland fire spotting, remote radio communications, RRVFD Station Incident Command support, large animal evacuation, and natural and manmade emergency scenario preparation. Come out to the countryside... enjoy the camaraderie, quiet, and stars aplenty. 
We even sweeten the night with cookies too! Come rattle with us!! -By Sandy McGill

This team meets at the Red Rock Volunteer Fire Department at 16180 Red Rock Road every third Monday from 6:30-8:30 pm. Please contact Sandy McGill about the next meeting as times and locations may change. To learn more, click HERE

— Sparks — 

Team Lead: Wade Campbell Email  (Right click to copy email address)

This team meets at the Sparks Police Department at 1701 East Prater Way/Conference Room every second Wednesday from 5:30pm-7:30pm.  To learn more, click HERE and to confirm start time. 

— South Washoe —

Team Leads: Lorraine Manett: Email (Right click to copy email address) and Mike Hess: Email

This team meets at South Valleys Library at 15650 Wedge Parkway every second Tuesday from 6:00-8:00 pm. To learn more, click HERE

— Rail Auxiliary Team —

Team Lead: Rich Gent: Email (Right click to copy email address)

The Rail Auxiliary Team is a force multiplier that provides the Sheriff with trained eyes and ears specifically focused on the railroad critical infrastructure.  The "Rat Pack," as they are termed, will provide time-critical, accurate and effective reporting to the railroad emergency response center and the sheriff on any reportable situation of the tracks from a safe environment off of railroad property. -By Rich Gent

Check the RAT Pack out on Facebook and Twitter

This team has two meetings a month and one Coffee Tracks. RAT provides a ZOOM meeting on the third Monday at 7pm and a face to face meeting at the Regional Public Safety Training Center at 5190A Spectrum Blvd. every third Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 pm. To learn more, click HERE

— Community Homeland Security Council —

Team Lead: Steve Emlet: Email

Developed after 9/11, CHSC is intended to give local citizens a basic education about terrorism, what it looks like in Nevada, and what to report, etc. The more we educate our community about terrorism, both domestic and foreign, the better prepared we will be. CHSC volunteers are trained to recognize the components of what would be considered a terrorist threat, as well as what to do should an attack occur. Check the calendar for exact dates., As of now, CHSC meetings are on the second Thursday from 1800-2100hrs. 

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